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The Soundbook brings the science and secrets of reading into your lap.

We deliver reading science into
the laps of families.


English Cosmos is a team of linguists, designers and thinkers with a mission of making parents into educators and children into readers.

Early childhood is a precious opportunity that parents have every time they sit down with their kids. Parents want quality time with their children to foster their child’s development. Sometimes these hopes include teaching their children to love reading, but the opportunity is so often wasted by books that are too hard, parents who are unclear about how to teach, and materials that require too much expertise to use. The internet is full of good information to study, but no complete solutions to apply.

That’s why English Cosmos created a program that enables millennial parents to teach their children how to read. Our books are designed to be as easy as open-and-use. We are using the best science and secrets of reading to bring parents and their children closer together.

The Soundbook


Sounds before letters, right in your child's lap.



• Contains over 600 words and pictures
• Delightful and engaging images
• Teaches sounds using games
• No letters yet
• Lays the foundation for learning letters easily

It’s an open secret among reading specialists that you should teach sounds before teaching letters. This is so much easier for the learner and also the caregiver. The Soundbook empowers you to do that, no training, no manuals, no reference charts, no glossaries, no teacher guides needed. Everything is right on the page.

After delving into this book, you will be able to play sound-based games anywhere with your child: on the road, while eating, while reading. Your child will also be able to break down the words they know or hear into component sounds, and blend those sounds back into words, and in that way will be ready to become an exceptional reader exceptionally quickly.

The Soundbook will be officially launched in July 2021 at an early bird price of just $100 USD. To receive notifications one week before the launch, please click the link below, no obligation!

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We are launching in July 2021!

If you are interested and would like to support our mission, the Soundbook will be available for pre-orders at a major discount in July 2021 on this website to finance the first printing of the books .

There will be a limited first edition available to the first 2500 customers for a deposit of just $100 USD ($125 Canadian) off a regular price of $200 USD ($250 Canadian). Further restrictions may apply as we keep our Canadian and U.S. editions entirely separate. To receive notifications the week prior to our launch, please click the button below, no obligation to buy!

We hope you will feel the excitement and satisfaction of being part of a new product launch.

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